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11-Jul-2017 09:38

The man who greedily consumes food is scorned as a fat bastard but the man who greedily consumes sex - provided he can get it - is a legend ...Octogenarian Hugh Hefner, with his fusillade of dick pills and twin 19-year-old girlfriends, is the most visible parody of this cultural compulsion but, then, how many men feel the tug of envy when they read of the crusty old creep's harem. We're told by society that we need to work this out in our 20s and 30s, that it's okay for men to root around at this age, so long as they settle down to a life of monogamy and child-rearing once the man-boobs set in.Nowadays I see sex as a fun activity that two people of the same mindset can enjoy, but I still don't get into the FB or FWB thing. I know some people who do and all power to them, but I do think the people you mention like David & Charlie (yes I am on a first name basis with them) go too far.It seeme to me they use sex as away to make up for other areas lacking in their lives, and is in no way different from an addiction to ice or herion, and often as destructive.Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "greed is good". I'm sure The Pope has written an encyclical on this, but I'm guessing the Catholic Church's perspective is something along the lines of:"enough sex (within marriage, of course) is when a woman's innards are so ripped up from scores of births that she is no longer reproductively fit." No kiddies, no sex - right?From a personal perspective, an ex-BF had between 400-500 sexual partners (and no, he wasn't a sex worker) and he had some self-awareness that this experience was probably not doing him any favours in the relationships stakes. Because he expected to be treated like an object by women, just as he objectified them.

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Scratch a married man and you'll more often than not find the suppressed anxiety - "I haven't had enough sex! Come to think of it, scratch a single man and you'll more often than not find the same fear, only amplified ... You are normal and almost every man feels the same way at some point in his life.If you believe the marketing companies, none of us are getting enough sex.

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