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07-Jul-2017 19:16

However, if you are avoiding the challenges that come with being in relationship, you may be doing yourself a disservice.

Dating and being in a relationship can be immensely valuable as it is only when we are IN relationship that we can work out our ‘issues’.

Her desire is to help you navigate the difficulties while focusing on personal growth and embracing the opportunities inherent in their changing circumstances.

A divorced mom with two teenagers, Karen helps moms look at their challenges from a different perspective opening the possibility that each struggle can be a gift for personal growth, a stronger relationship with your kids and a life lesson for both of you.

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What can grow out of this conscious approach is a healthy committed relationship, or more specifically a relationship of co-commitment; the treasure of a vibrant loving relationship with a healthy partner that can last a life-time.

A book I love to recommend is, “Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-commitment”, by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks.