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26-Dec-2017 12:25

What seems to be developing is a complex interaction between economic, racial, and ethnic groups whose boundaries overlap in different ways over time, and leading to an interrelationship between racial, class, and ethnic consciousness.A brief description of a recent strike movement in Bougainville will suffice to show the difficulty involved in finding a proper race-class-ethnic synthesis necessary for explaining contemporary industrial action in the South Pacific.Welcome to The University of the South Pacific (USP) website.We trust that you will find our site informative and useful.

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Les descriptions publiées antérieurement sur les conflits sociaux dans cette région avaient tendance à se concentrer seulement sur la race, en grande partie parce que la stratification par race et par classe avaient tendance à coïncider.

The pressures of inflation have also encouraged urban workers to become more conscious of their economic roles, and to view themselves as members of distinct economic groups.

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