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Her depression started after her attempt to stop the teasing of a special education student goes terribly wrong and ends in him being injured.Meanwhile, freshman Sam Weir struggles to find the courage not only to confront his and his friends' bully Alan, but also to ask cheerleader Cindy Sanders to the homecoming dance.The show's producers were resistant to stunt casting.For example, they resisted the network's suggestion that they have Britney Spears appear as a waitress in one episode; Several of the screenwriters appeared on the show. That you might be gay, or at least, not totally normal.” Ken and Amy have a conversation in the wake of Ken accepting Amy being intersex.

Guest stars included: Samaire Armstrong (as "Deadhead" Laurie), Alexandra Breckenridge (as mathlete Shelly Weaver), Jack Conley (as Kim Kelly's stepfather), Kevin Corrigan (as Millie's delinquent cousin), Allen Covert (as a liquor store clerk), Matt Czuchry (as a student from rival Lincoln High), Alexander Gould (as Ronnie, the boy Lindsay babysits while high), Steve Higgins (as the Geeks' A/V teacher), Rashida Jones (as Kim Kelly's friend Karen Scarfolli), Bianca Kajlich (as a nose piercing punk girl), David Koechner (as a waiter, in an uncredited role), David Krumholtz (as Neal's brother Barry), Shia La Beouf (as Herbert, the school mascot), Leslie Mann (Judd Apatow's wife) (in episode 13 as a teacher), Ben Stiller (as a Secret Service agent), and Jason Schwartzman (as a student dealing in fake IDs).

When the Weir parents go out of town for the weekend, Lindsay's new friends suggest she throw a party.

Lindsay hesitantly agrees in the hopes of impressing Daniel, who has broken up with Kim.

It launched several of its young actors, such as Seth Rogen and James Franco, into successful acting careers.

Teenage Lindsay Weir and her younger brother Sam attend William Mc Kinley High School during the 1980–1981 school year.

The final three episodes premiered at the Museum of Television and Radio, prior to being broadcast on television.

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