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26-Jun-2017 17:02

Amid murmurs from onlookers, forensic archaeologists cut open the boxes one by one and laid out their contents as Judge Yazmin Barrios listed the new evidence for the court reporter. On one side of the courtroom, behind a row of government and NGO lawyers sat 11 elderly women from the Q’eqchi Maya communities of the Polochich Valley, in the fertile lowlands near Guatemala’s Caribbean coast.Their faces were covered with colorful scarves to hide their identities, but as the archaeologists pulled out clothing and bones, several of the women shook silently, scarves slipping to reveal lined brown faces.Boxes containing the remains and personal effects of 48 people who were found in Tinajas, Coban are displayed in court on Feb.

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“They knew which of us were alone,” she said — her husband, disappeared by the soldiers, was later dug up at Finca Tinajas.Though acidic soil degraded the bones beyond possibility of identification, the implication put forth was clear: The unveiling of bones was a grim reunion.