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26-Nov-2017 13:12

For the seventeenth year organisers have put together an exciting range of free concerts, performances and exhibitions which will take place alongside the usual fair.

The headline act for opening night will be Gus Gus from Iceland. This initiative is directed towards Lithuanians living abroad and at home, people who have already visited Lithuania, and those who are hearing about the country for the first time. “Our objective is to invite a record number of guests to visit Lithuania, and in doing so to encourage tourism in Lithuania.Dr Ton Nicolai, on behalf of CAMDOC, the alliance of the European CAM physicians' organisations: "Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, with up to 65% of the population reporting that they have used this form of medicine. The musician, who is originally from Columbia, said that he often shares stories about Lithuania with his friends.

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The main reasons given for using CAM are its holistic approach, effectiveness and orientation towards promoting health rather than controlling symptoms." CAM doctors and practitioners, each in their own field, recommend an individualised package of care, including one or more specified CAM treatments, and advise on changes of lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress-reduction techniques, etc. Many of his friends have already come, visited and fully enjoyed Lithuania.

“Every person who visits Lithuania becomes an ambassador, someone who will share their experiences and memories with others.