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I think back to the beginning, to Elliot's appearance the first time I met him.

"Chat c'mon we need to find Nathanael" I say and before he can say something I'm already off. " Chat noir says pointing to a red headed boy walking and we swoop down in front of him.

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Enjoy~ ________________________________ ~Ladybug's P.

V~ I stare at Chat Noir who is punching a brick chimney.

And I’m still the same 5’7” slightly balding, sloppy dresser who drives a 1992 dark red Buick Regal (that has been “totaled” once).

Not only that, when I'm finally ready to attract that one special woman, I'll be able to choose the one I want, NOT the one I just "settle for," like most guys do.

"Elliot claimed to be part of Marinette's family, to be more specific her father's side but...first of all there is no cousin named Elliot and if he was real, his name wouldn't be Elliot Cheng..would be Elliot Dupain not Cheng if he was part of her father's side" I say.