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22-Dec-2017 05:45

TMZ claimed a member of his entourage was confronted by the 24-year old woman after entering the .7 million property, dubbed YOLO Estate by the Canadian rapper, at pm on April 3.

The fan was understood to be wearing a hooded top owned by Drake, 30, when she was found in one of the home's six bedrooms.

The 31-year-old actor opened up about his relationship with his former Nickelodeon co-star, telling People he and Josh 'talk all the time' and he still considers Peck one of his 'best friends' even though Bell wasn't invited to the star's June 17 wedding.

The former child star is clearing the air after causing a stir when he tweeted 'When you're not invited to the wedding, the message is clear,' on the same day as Peck's nuptials.

Unwanted surprise: TMZ claim a member of his entourage was confronted by the 24-year old woman after entering the .7 million property (pictured), dubbed YOLO Estate by the Canadian rapper for the first time on April 3 But instead of using the Hidden Hills' property's numerous accoutrements, amongst them a 25-seat theatre, a games room, spa, wine cellar and enormous outdoor pool complete with 80-foot waterslide, she only took advantage of the fridge.

It's understood the fan, who insisted she had permission to enter the gated home, claimed she only helped herself to the rapper's assortment of chilled soft drinks and mineral water.

Nicknamed the 'thirsty thief' after previously only helping herself to refreshments from his fridge, she reportedly was forcibly removed this time.

According to TMZ the 24-year-old woman returned on Thursday, claiming she was on the list- despite Drake once again being away while his home is undergoing extensive renovations.

In April the rapper was given his first unwanted surprise when the thirsty fan broke into his lavish Los Angeles home.Drake originally purchased his Los Angeles home for .7 million from Saddle Ranch Chop House owner Larry Pollack in 2012.Speaking to Rolling Stone, the Hotline Bling rapper admitted he had his heart set on the house years before he actually bought it.'This house was the desktop image on my computer years before I bought it.'But while it sits in an exclusive and highly sought after area, he admitted to having previous issues with fans intent on snatching a piece of its valuable memorabilia.

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'Originally, I had a sign outside that said the YOLO estate,' he said.

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