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I found that ending a little confusing but the story itself had strong elements of horror. It has two variants, but the staple between them is the sudden shift in scene. 1: The Contrary Cut: Somebody actively says something will happen, or will never happen, most determinedly. There is no discussion or refusal involved, simply the cut to them being shown doing it - but in a way much more unpleasant than we had imagined. Often combined with a Smash Cut if the transition is especially quick or the character is cut off mid sentence. Yeah, because if you don't smoke, you could grow up to be just like us! Bruise) Timmy: Everyone knew Spatsville was a fun little town. There are many morals to this story, but here's what I'd choose: When you come down to Spatsville (turns the page to a big "splat") don't make fun of Rat's shoes! For example, they are ordered to 'safely' dispose of a bomb, and then there is an abrupt cut to them having to do so by hand. Compare Immediate Self-Contradiction and Instantly Proven Wrong where the contradiction is immediate in-universe. Note of historical interest: This was the "Honest" Jake Phillips: Adrian, I'm a surgeon. Kyle: If we go to the tobacco company, I know exactly what will happen: they'll take us in, and then Rob Reiner will show up with all of the townspeople holding torches or something, and there'll be a big showdown until we talk about what we learned, and changed everyone's minds, this is all following a formula! You'll go and sit in front of the TV and eat cheesy poofs, ass-master! (cut to Cartman snacking on cheesy poofs in front of the TV) Wanda: Well I for one can't wait to see what magical, deep, and complicated piece of literature you're going to read for your report! See full summary » David has lost his girlfriend and his mind. When six hikers make the mistake of choosing Capps Crossing to spend the weekend, David will stop at nothing to make sure they never come back.'Think KIDS meets Midnight Cowboy.' EKAJ is a film packed with real life drama and a real sense of humor.Each year a small number are selected to return home to aid in the process. See full summary » Do you love all things dark and disturbing?

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Unable to write but desperate to be famous again, Bo Jack meets with ghost writer Diane (Brie), whom his publishing company has hired out of sheer impatience. And I'm trying to hold on to my past It's been so long I don't think I'm gonna last I guess I'll just try and make you understand That I'm more horse than a man Or I'm more man than a horse...

"Brain Robbers In Love" - A powerful older woman steals the body of a young woman using a top-secret brain-swapping devise stolen from a government vault.

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