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Alternative routes through the Rhine Valley that omitted Freiburg, running either from Riegel to Hartheim or from Kenzingen to Biengen near Bad Krozingen, would have been much shorter and would not have involved the gradients required to climb to the Freiburger Bucht (the lowlands around Freiburg) at the foot of the Black Forest.

The commission's proposal for the construction of the line to begin in Mannheim, Freiburg and Isteiner Klotz (a hill south of Schliengen) had not come about.

This was replaced around the turn of the 21st century with an ensemble of buildings, including the station hall, a shopping mall, hotels and office blocks.

It is a Category 2 station The construction of the Baden Mainline from Mannheim to Basel was approved at an extraordinary meeting of the Baden parliament in 1838.

Therefore, in 1910 there were plans for a complete rebuild of the station.

The initial plans called for an entrance hall crowned by a dome and with a natural stone frontage, which would have been 90 metres wide and 8 metres deep.

it decided to build the line immediately west of the city through the "Vauban belt", the flat zone previously kept clear for firing cannon-shot from the fortifications (Festungsrayon) designed by Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban.

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Apart from politicians, such as the Baden Foreign Minister, Alexander von Dusch, the Minister for the Interior, Karl Friedrich Nebenius and Frederick Rettig, officials, mayors and officers of the town guards (Bürgerwehr) of the local towns travelled on a train hauled by the locomotive, Zähringen, with musical accompaniment by the guards regiment, which had already travelled over the line. While the stagecoach service between Freiburg and Offenburg closed with the opening of the railway line, stagecoaches ran three times each day between Basel and Freiburg, each way.

The construction of the railway station led to Freiburg finally growing out of the confines of the fortress.

Hotels, restaurants and the central post office were built in the Vauban belt along Eisenbahnstraße and a landscaped area was established between the city and the station.

This solution, however, required a grade of 1 (0.58%, according to other sources 0.53%), The railway reached Offenburg on 1 June 1844 and construction began on the section from Riegel to Freiburg in 1841.

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In 1843, the cornerstone was laid for the station in Freiburg; this ceremony involved the transportation of the locomotive, Der Rhein of the Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft Karlsruhe (“Karlsruhe Engineering Works”) over the highway to Freiburg.

Two underpasses were created during the renovation of 1885/86; these still exist today and lead to stairs connecting to each platform.