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Farming activities in Lemhi County generate annual revenues of million, 15 percent of which derives from livestock products and 85 percent from crop harvests.

Lemhi County farms are focused toward crops like wheat and cotton.

Recent data indicates the average price of land and rural acreage for sale in Lemhi County was 25 percent cheaper than the average for other land and property listed for sale in Idaho.

Residential land was the most common type of land for sale in Lemhi County, including homes for retirement, primary residence and vacation getaways.

110 acres with timber, surrounded on 3 sides by Forest Service.

Explore the spacious property or venture off into the surrounding... Perhaps by saying, 'it's a gated community in the mountain tops, surrounded by the largest wilderness area in the lower 48 states'. Perhaps by saying, 'it's a gated community in the mountain tops, surrounded by the largest wilderness area in the lower 48 states'. Lemhi County is one of the ten largest counties in Idaho (4,570 square miles).

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Klein says mother Jessica Mitchell knows where the toddler's body is.

This delightful home has a covered, full wrap-around deck, with large...

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