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Play it online here A Dark Room creators Doublespeak games are masters at making engaging, low-octane games you can play in your browser while doing other stuff, and Gridland cements that.

It's a match-3, but it's really a game of building and survival: by day you match bricks or wood or stones or paper, to gather materials needed to construct a little village at the top of the screen.

The trick is to create a disease that can infect as many people as possible without being detected. What distinguishes this wonderful puzzle game from the dozens of similar first-person puzzlers doing the rounds is how you use that head to advance.

As soon as there's even the hint of a problem, hospitals will spring into action, borders will close, and Madagasca will become an impenetrable haven for the last remnants of humanity. Geo Guessr builds a compelling game of investigative orienteering by using Google Maps' Street View to drop you randomly into the world, then asking you to locate yourself. Left-clicking chucks it out in front of you, at which point the perspective switches to that of the robo-bonce now sitting on the floor.

Neat little elements of this phase include the need to match corn to feed your heroic worker, and the way he or she will lug blocks and hammer nails when milestones are met.

It's a lightly animated game, but these cute actions act as a lovely reward for matching three or more things together.

Sometimes it's obvious—a sign or street name allowing you to hone in on your temporary home. In a stroke of genius, you can head-hop forward with repeated left clicks, while simultaneously moving your headless robo-body with WASD. It's also the closest I've ever come to being Bender from Futurama—until work on my robot exoskeleton is finished at least. In Wonderputt, you're skipping over lily pads, avoiding UFOs, and putting across asteroid craters. You can see the entire course at the start, but with each successful hole it shifts and alters, revealing new sections and transforming in unexpected ways. I Am Level is a Spectrum-style game with some canny enhancements—there's a Metroidvania-like world structure, alternate costumes and even a leveling system—but at its core this is a ruggedly old-fashioned platformer with one hell of a chiptune soundtrack.

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Your catty, triangular little hero has a shadowy doppelganger, who emerges when you're parallel to a big orange mirror thing in the middle of most screens.

If you don't know anything about programming (like, er, me), this bit may prove rather difficult, but even despite my code-hating brain I managed to fumble my way through some of the game.

This is not only a seriously clever project, it may also be a great way to get started with Javascript, should you be looking to wade into those codey waters.

You're in charge of the bakery, where you'll be crafting new desserts for all of your wacky customers.

Complete a Papa Louie is back with a brand new restaurant!

Papa's Donuteria is open for business in the carnival-like town of Powder Point. Cut out the donuts, fry them up, and decorate them with a vast array of top What was that?