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(Ѻ) This calendar system, to note has issues with it as some, e.g.

in Mirza Beg publications, use the abbreviation "BP" and "PE" to mean "before present" and "present era", respectively.

The first modern English work of the kind was the anonymous Universal, Historical, Geographical, Chronological and Classical Dictionary, which appeared in 1803.

In circa 50BC (or circa 703 AUC), Marcus Varro introduced the anno urbis conditae (AUC) or “from city founding” dating system, which dated years from the founding of Rome or 21 Apr 753BC (in Christian era years). Margaret Fuller's transnational project: self-education, feminine culture and American national literature on the German model (Margaret Fullers transnationales Projekt: Selbstbildung, feminine Kultur und amerikanische Nationalliteratur nach deutschem Vorbild) (pg.

Capone had mastered the art of politics, and as a wealthy, powerful gangster figure, he attempted to balance his activities.… continue reading »

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Dabei geht es nicht ausschließlich um die 90er sondern auch um die frühen 2000er der Technomusik. Das Genre Techno wird dabei nicht als ein solches gesehen sondern dient als ein Obergriff für die damaligen Genres.… continue reading »

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When the Romans invaded they built two roads; a settlement developed at the junction of these roads, but was later abandoned when the Romans left Britain.… continue reading »

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