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03-Oct-2017 04:50

We gather this clearly from the pages of Juvenal, Martial, and Suetonius.

As a vow, chastity is discussed in the article V OW .The sources of such delectation are food and drink, by means of which the life of the individual is conserved, and the union of the sexes, by means of which the permanence of the species is secured.Chastity, therefore, is allied to abstinence and sobriety; for, as by these latter the pleasures of the nutritive functions are rightly regulated, so by chastity the procreative appetite is duly restricted.With this people marriage was but an institution to supply the State with strong and sturdy soldiers. Indeed many of them attained to the influence of queens.

The consequence of this to the position of women was most baneful. Although the Romans styled excess of debauchery "Græcizing", they nevertheless sounded greater depths of filthy wantonness in the days following the early republic than ever did their eastern neighbours.These are particularly the words and example of Jesus Christ and the reverence that is owing to the human body as the temple of the Holy Ghost, as incorporated into that mystic body of which Christ is the head, as the recipient of the Blessed Eucharist, and finally, as destined to share hereafter with the soul a life of eternal glory.

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